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I am Mayerlin Linares, a Venezuelan, wife, and mother of two daughters, serving as the founder and CEO of Kashi Art Design LLC. In November 2022, I gave life to this compelling project with the inspirational vision of fostering an appreciation for diverse indigenous cultures, including the Wayuu. Each culture contributes a unique narrative to the crafting of every art piece. Kashi goes beyond being a mere business; it is a journey where each step delves deeper into our roots, showcasing meticulously crafted handmade products and defining a distinctive and unique style. Our commitment is to exemplify to the world our capacity to breathe life into any idea, thereby adding value to fashion and modernism and success in everyday life.

by Mayerlin Linares

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At Kashi Art Design, we take pride in curating an exquisite collection of art and design that elegantly reflects our commitment to excellence and creativity. From the making of unique pieces to the perfect combination of diverse indigenous cultures, preserving a heritage passed down through generations of skilled artisans.

In addition, we have handmade jewelry, charming handmade dolls, hats and a wide range of hand-woven bags with threads and Iraca palm, among other natural materials. Over time, we will expand our exclusive catalog to offer a distinguished selection with unique designs, where each piece tells its own story."




At Kashi Art Design, our essence is reflected in an emblematic logo: the Moon, inspired by the rich indigenous Wayuu culture of Colombia and Venezuela. Kashi, meaning 'Moon,' embodies the core of our brand.

The Moon symbolizes life cycles, playing a key role in the search for hope and creativity during the night. From the youth of the crescent moon to the fullness of the full moon, each phase represents stages of a woman: maiden, woman and mother, and the new moon, the wise old woman whose light resides within each of us.

Our logo, featuring the crescent moon, is the visual cornerstone of Kashi Art Design. In any product presentation, it ensures instant recognition of our unique identity: colors, shapes, and the magic of our creations. The Moon, a timeless symbol, encapsulates the essence of our brand—not just a logo but a visual emblem resonating with the soul of our creations. Kashi Art Design, where the Moon becomes the muse that illuminates each masterpiece, blending art, fashion, and modernism with a unique and special touch.

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